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I see you over there, creative type.

You like making stuff.
You have an idea that you want to turn into an income, maybe even make enough to replace your full-time job… but how the eff is that even possible? I’ll show you how. 

Do any of the situations below reflect your life right now?

You want to be more creative in the work you do everyday

Maybe you really love your current job, but want to balance it with something more creative, or just, more YOU. You want something on the side to challenge your creative side, to help fulfil a need for others, or just to keep you from going a little bit batty doing the same thing every day. Maybe you want to have your business as a part-time income earner on the side, to fill you up, to keep you balanced, to feed your soul.

You want to do your own thing, be your own boss

Or maybe you really DON’T LOVE your current employment, and you’re hanging to get out: make a new start doing your own thing. You want to be your own boss, make all the important decisions and have a much better blend of work and life. You want to be self-employed full-time, making a comfortable income from doing something you LOVE.

You want to work from home to have more time with family

Maybe you’ve just had a baby, and you’re trying to work out a way to stay at home with your munchkin, working from home in your own little business that is super fun and fits in with your lifestyle. Or perhaps you’ve been a stay-at-home mum for awhile, but now the kids are all in “big kid school” it’s time for you to really shine and reach your potential with your small business dream.

The problem is… you’re STUCK.

You don’t know where to start, what you should focus on, or how to grow your idea into a reality.

Maybe you’ve spent hours daydreaming about the life you’d like to be living, but just as many hours convincing yourself that you’re not qualified, that it’s too risky, that you don’t have the selling skills, or that nobody will buy your products or services. Or maybe you’ve actually had a go at starting your own business and it didn’t go to plan… you really weren’t qualified, you took too many risks, you didn’t know how to market and nobody bought your products…

I’m here to tell you, that’s totally ok!

In both of these scenarios, you’ve already taken the first step of starting a creative business, and that’s falling down a couple of times before figuring out what works for you. The most important thing now is to get back up.

What if…

Imagine what you could achieve if you were UNSTUCK.

Doing what you love Every. Single. Day.

Imagine having a great balance of work and creativity in your life, with ample time to explore, make, build and create. You’re working on your passion!

Imagine being your own boss, making all the big decisions and working your butt off for YOU and your FAMILY, and reaping 100% of the rewards.

Imagine having the flexibility to be there for your kids for the special milestone moments in their lives, without having to apply for leave or ask permission to go to a school assembly.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

What is Clever Foxes?

Clever Foxes is a small business program for creatives & makers, teaching passionate women and men the fundamentals of building a small business.

The three stages of the program are PLAN, LAUNCH and GROW, and in each of these you will learn what you need to do to set a really solid foundation to see success in your business adventure.

If you’re not sure where to start, what is required, if it’s even possible, or are just overwhelmed by the mountains of knowledge and resources available online, this program will put you on the right path, give you clarity around your business idea, help you work out what you should be focusing on and give you the encouragement and empowerment you need to move forward with purpose.

“It was the perfect program for me at the time I needed it most.”

How it works

The Clever Foxes Business Fundamentals program is run entirely online, so you can learn and work from wherever you like, as long as you have access to the internet. Once you choose your class and enrol in the program you will gain immediate access to the private classes on The Makers’ Academy website. 

The program is self paced, meaning you will have access to ALL of the course modules, lessons, tasks and downloads as soon as you register. You will have 12 months access to all learning materials and the private support group. This time limit is designed to encourage you to take action to realise those dreams!

The course contains three classes, with each broken down into easily-digestible lessons. Each lesson includes fun tasks and practical exercises, along with printable worksheets to get you organised and motivated.

Sound good? Grab your spot now

By enrolling as a Makers Academy student you will:

Stop being blocked by a lack of knowledge, time, money or confidence and turn your passion into a profitable business

Finally get the answers you have been searching for so you can move forward with your creative business idea

Get the support and encouragement you need to get you through the trickier aspects of setting up your own business

“Since completing the Clever Foxes program, my business has become an industry leader based on the unique quality and lifestyle my products provide for the growing customer base.”

This course is for creative people who need some direction, motivation and clear goals in their business.

It’s not going to be easy.

But neither is running your own business.

These online courses are not cruisey or casual, light-hearted, airy-fairy or “all inspiration and no action”

I’m here to help you get shit done.

Running your own small business is an adventure

There are ups and downs. There are tricky paths to navigate, scary bridges to cross, a whole lot of big mountains to climb, and it’s a shit tonne of hard work. But with a detailed map, the right tools in your backpack, an experienced guide and a little encouragement, the adventure suddenly becomes more manageable, way more enjoyable, and the rewards when you reach the summit are super sweet.

Let’s prepare for your journey…

Sound good? Grab your spot now

Participating in the Clever Foxes Program was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made!

My business has been able to transform from a hobby into a business because the course provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge of my target market and developing a unique and sustainable product range, with support of fellow participants and mentorship from Mikaela.

Since completion of the program, my business has become an industry leader based on the unique quality and lifestyle my products provide for the growing customer base.

I personally believe that completing your course was the turning point for the business.  Prior to completing the course I had almost lost hope within myself and the amazing dream I had in front of me.  At first, the course was frightening and confronting. Once I had pushed myself to work through the first two weeks the rest of the content fell into place literally like a jigsaw puzzle.

I often refer back to my notes (as you may know) and I am so excited to see what I have accomplished.

My business is being noticed by some of the biggest media companies and magazines in Australia. Very soon I hope to start working with an agency who is very keen and passionate to make jazminbell® into a nationally recognised brand and industry leader.

I am not quite sure of the journey ahead now, but am so grateful that I clicked the sign up button on your course and used that last thread of hope to push myself through it.

Thankyou so much, you are both inspirational and amazing!  It was the perfect program for me at the time I needed it most.  xx


Designer | Maker | Owner, Jazminbell

I owe a huge thanks to my girl Mikaela, who not only designed my amazing labels and created my branding, but also mentors me on my business goals. Her encouragement through my highs and especially my lows, has given me confidence and empowered me to rock FRANKIE.


Owner, Frankie Gusti

For any new business entrepreneur: You need to attend this course.It will excite you, celebrate you, and give you ideas. It’s a great starting point to begin and finish my business plan, and set goals for the years ahead.


I found the visualisation amazing, it really helped me strip away all the conflicting thoughts I’ve had about my business and focus on what I am good at/enjoy doing. Also, asking friends who I trust for their feedback on my skills and business concepts was invaluable. I really enjoyed completing the business workshop with Mikaela at The Makers’ Hub. I walked in to the course with a million ideas for potential businesses but nothing concrete. The pre-course work and meditation at the start of the day really helped me clarify what I enjoy and what I am good at doing. Mikaela is a fantastic facilitator, very inclusive and was excellent at keeping us focussed on the task at hand. I am really looking forward to completing my post-course work and fleshing out my business plan. Thank you Mikaela!

Julia from Sydney

Develop a clear idea of where you’re going, turn your creative passion into a reality, face your fears and move forward. Acknowledge your worth and the quality of your product and own it!


It’s a fun, relaxing workshop that helps you to be more focused about your business. AND you get a “support group” after the course


Owner, Design Is Yay

The workshop gave me so much clarity about the direction I want to take a business. Pretty amazing given that I started the day with a million ideas, but no clear path and left feeling totally inspired and motivated to follow through with an idea that all of a sudden made total sense. I like that the group was small and communication was encouraged. It felt very supportive and encouraging, which is a far cry from the formal business studies that I am used to. I especially like being able to connect to the ‘community’ on Facebook. This course was the perfect kickstart for my business idea and it gave me an incredible amount of clarity and motivation to pursue my dream.

Emma from Canberra

Clever Foxes Business Foundations


The PLAN class is all about gaining clarity around your business idea, identifying your niche market, finding your confidence and creating a mission statement for your business.






The LAUNCH class is all about getting set up to actually launch your business, and includes topics covering your products and services, how to price your items, registering your business, tax and legal requirements, managing your finances and learning to celebrate your successes.

🚀Nitty Gritty

🚀Products & Services

🚀Managing Money



The GROW class is all about strengthening your relationship with your existing customers and gaining new customers to grow your business, and includes lessons covering marketing, mailing lists and goal setting.

⛰Smart Goals

⛰Mailing Lists

⛰Marketing Basics

⛰Facebook Advertising

Aha Moments

From the very first lesson to the final task, you’ll be challenged and guided through the fundamental elements of creating a business, and setting these foundations will give you some pretty big Aha moments that you can develop and build upon as the course progresses.

Take Action

This is a no bullshit program – you need to take action for anything to move forward – and with 1-4 actionable exercises for every lesson in each class, you’ll be on track and making progress on your idea from the get-go.

Flexible Study

You can commit to one lesson per week, per day, or whatever structure suits you, dependent on your schedule and priorities… But the best part? Being able to learn along with fellow students in your PJ’s from your couch, or while your bub is napping, or in your lunch break at work.

Goodies & Bonuses

There are always more bonuses in the works, and along with a motivational prints pack and a printable perpetual wall planner, you will gain access to any extra goodies, mini-courses or trainings that are released as part of the Clever Foxes program throughout the next 12 months.

Support Group

Be connected in a tight-knit community during your progress through the classes in our private online group, filled with your peeps who are on a similar journey that will inspire, motivate, encourage and empower you. Stay connected as you continue on your creative business journey for years to come!

Video & Audio

Everyone learns best in different ways, so the program includes video lessons, audio downloads of the lessons, and printable worksheets so you can get your study brain on in whatever way suits you best.

Exercise Sheets

Every lesson has downloadable, digitally interactive (or printable!) worksheets to help you stay organised, as well as document and focus your implementation efforts. Worksheets and exercises can be revisited and built upon as you grow your business.

Sound good? Grab your spot now

Is Clever Foxes the right course for me?

This program is for you if:

✓  You haven’t started your business yet or have been in business for less than three years

✓  You’re determined, passionate and hardworking, willing to put in the hard yards to make your dream a reality

✓  You understand success takes time and dedication

✓  You are struggling with one or more of the following:

•   Too many ideas
•   Feeling alone
•   Lack of confidence
•   Scaling your business
•   Accountability
•   Knowing where to start

This program is not for you if…

✗  You have been in business full-time for more than 3 years

✗  You are already making over $2500 profit per month

✗  You already have multiple systems and processes in place in your business for reaching customers and making sales

✗  You want a “quick success” solution

✗  You don’t want your business to be anything more than a hobby

Who is Mikaela Danvers?

I’m Mikaela (hello!), a creative kid from way back, with lots of ideas in my head and the determination to follow my own path in whatever I choose to do. I’m a bit of a go-getter, and basically just believe anything is possible if you work really effing hard for it.

Qualified in education and design (through the usual tertiary education pathways, hello massive debt), I’ve been a teacher and freelance designer for the last 12 years, along with running multiple other businesses along the way (I like to call myself a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, aka shiny-object syndrome sufferer).

I’m here to give you the map to your mountain. Tools in your backpack. The low-down on the creepy crawlies to look out for. And a helping hand to guide you through the trickier parts of the journey.

I’m here to show you what’s possible, and how to make that possibility your reality.

It’s time to reach your potential with your small business dream

Register Now and Start the Adventure

$297 one-time payment


A small percentage of every registration will be donated yearly to the following organisations:

Charitable Organisations


“Participating in the Clever Foxes Program was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made!”

Frequently Asked Questions


You can enrol right now!



My classes, programs and workshops are online, digital courses (or e-Courses) for creative people. That means that as long as you have access to the internet, you’re good to go, wherever you are.

There are video lessons you can watch, audio of the lessons you can listen to, and PDF exercise sheets that you can fill in online or print and fill in by hand.

There is no certification for this course, and you will not receive a qualification for completing the program.

You will have 12 months access to all learning materials and downloads, after which time you may choose to upgrade to a membership with The Makers’ Academy for a yearly fee for continued access – a membership will also give you access to ALL of our current courses, monthly trainings, private facebook group and regular personal check-ins with Mikaela.

There are no payment plans for the program at this time. 


You definitely won’t miss out, you can complete the courses at your own pace. But if you are serious about your business and want to succeed, it would be a great thing if you put the hard yards in now, and dedicated time to this intensive program.


Of course you can. As long as you know that you would like to run your own business, it’s all good. We’ll figure out what you need to do from there =)


Refunds are only given on the basis of you completing at least 50% of the tasks for the classes you have enrolled in. If you can show me your completed worksheets and are unhappy with the value of the program, you will be given a 100% full refund.

Refunds must be applied for via email within 60 days of enrolment.

In extenuating circumstances (ie family tragedy, medical emergency etc) you can apply for a credit or extension of time. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis (I’m not a jerk, so just email me if anything goes crazy in your life and we’ll sort something out!).


What people find valuable

A great way to get motivated to tackle challenges of focus, and time/task management for your small business. So nice to chat to other business women too!

Mikaela’s sessions are great for focusing the mind and stopping procrastination

Mikaela is an engaging and encouraging facilitator with a wealth of knowledge about focus, business planning and growth strategies.

So much! Thinking about my goals – even about my products and services. Then breaking it down – year; quarterly; monthly; weekly.

The yearly planner and idea of breaking down the tasks into blocks, and the discussion about being proud of my success

An opprtunity to reflect on your business and personal goals, then a practical way to break down those goals into doable and practical chunks.

A great course to clarify what you need to be doing for your business. It helps you focus or re-focus on your goals and priorities. All from a creatives perspective.

Very helpful to clear your head, plan your year, focus and decide what’s feasible.

Thank you!