Find Your Path Session

Not sure what to do with your business idea? Let's fix that.

Business Vision

We will work out what your vision for your business is and how this fits into the puzzle of how you should move forward

Product Focus

We will work out what your main product focus should be and how you will go about selling this to your ideal customers


Next Steps

We’ll go through exactly what you need to do next, to get you on the right path in your business, and you’ll be given some action planning homework to complete

Organise Your Thoughts

Get your business on track

Make sure you're on the right path

1 Hour Find Your Path Session - $149

If you’re feeling a bit unsure in your business direction and are not sure what to do next, a 60 minute Find Your Path Session with Mikaela will help you know where to start, what direction to take and how to move forward with your business idea.

In this one-on-one session via Google Hangouts, we will work what your vision is for the future of your business, what your main product focus should be and what you need to do next to get started, which will help you gain clarity in the day-to-day running of your business.

Let’s work together to get your business idea on track and smashing goals!

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